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About me

As a strategic consultant, I am always on the lookout for concrete solutions. As an economist (Dr.rer.oec.) and urban planner (MSc), my focus is on the benefits for as many people as possible and our environment. In my work, I combine these perspectives to shape and form convictions, commitments and majorities for places worth living in. 

Thanks to my many years of political involvement at all federal levels (member of the Grand Council and National Assembly and member of a municipal executive), I am familiar with the political processes, their opportunities and obstacles to change. Climate change and re-urbanisation call for answers on how to meet human needs for a safe, healthy and happy environment. I draw on my experiences from various European cities to find suitable answers.

Ursula Wyss, Gemeinderaetin und Direktorin für Tiefbau, Verkehr und Stadtgruen (TVS) informiert zusammen mit Roman Cueni, GL-Mitglied von Postauto Schweiz und Bruno Rohrer, CEO Publibike zur Entstehung des groessten Veloverleihsystems der Schweiz. (Yoshiko Kusano)

Ursula Wyss


I advise the public sector, institutional and private organisations. From analysing and developing solutions to their implementation. 

Networking with and drawing inspiration from other cities are two of my core competences. I like to use these skills for your projects. Having spent several years in the Netherlands, I translate the planning and, in particular, cycling expertise there to other contexts. Copy-paste rarely works. Rather, it needs to be adapted to local conditions and needs.

An interdisciplinary approach is important to me. For certain projects, I work together with experts from different disciplines.

Focal points

Urban mobility

My focus is on the utilisation of streets as public spaces and their use for sustainable mobility. I am convinced that diverse, vibrant cities can be created thanks to significantly more people travelling on foot or by bike. I emphasise the benefits for health, the environment, mobility and economic development. 


Strategic urban development

Developing cities that make people happy. People and their coexistence are close to my heart. To achieve this, we need open processes and co-production. I am familiar with both from my previous work.


Strategy and leadership

I also offer individual consultations for decision-makers or appear as a keynote speaker at events. Enquiries via email.


Ursula Wyss

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Credit Image:
IG Fancy Women Bike Ride and Yoshiko Kusano